Auto Wreckers Perth

Auto Wreckers Perth is the professional wrecking yard dealing in all wrecked or accidental vehicles. We buy all cars, Utes, trucks, 4wds & 4×4 commercial vehicles & dismantle them for cash. Did you know having a dismantled vehicle on your property can be dangerous? These types of cars take place in your backyard and pollute our surroundings & Mother Earth. They emit gases and fuels which are exclusively hazardous for the environment. Despite knowing these facts, most people often keep such wrecked cars in their driveway because they don’t know how to get rid of them. Right? But the good news is that you can sell any condition of the vehicle just by calling on 0427 399 677 & get instant cash up to $12,000.

Auto Wreckers Perth
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Cash For Scrap Cars Perth – We Pay Cash On the Spot up to $12,000

When your Car becomes obsolete or unwanted, it’s nothing more than a useless piece of junk for the people. But only a few people know that they can convert these unroadworthy vehicles into big treasures by contacting us. We offer Excellent amounts of dollars up to $12,000 on the same day of removals. The Process is also easy to use, convenient & hassle-free; however, you don’t need to come to our location in Perth. We are also committed to offering Fast Car Pickups in Perth & Surrounding Regions. So, if you are interested, give us all the correct details about your scrap car by filling out the form “Evaluate My Vehicle.” Auto Wreckers Near Me Perth offers you free online quotes within few minutes & it’s obligation-free.

Our Car Wrecking Services

Cash for Cars Perth

Cash for Cars Perth

In our Cash for Cars Services, all the scrap, old or wrecked car owners are allowed to get desired cash from our team instantly. It doesn’t make any difference whether we are buying commercial or private, working or dead. The Value of your unwanted vehicles depends on the prices of scrap metals in Australia. If you have good condition car with fabulous working auto parts, there is the possibility of getting higher cash beyond your expectations. We often Beat Any Written Quote of our competitors in Perth & all surroundings.

Free Vehicle Removals

Free Car Removals Perth

If you have unregistered or a car without roadworthy certificates, you don’t need to go through high fortune costing towing charges in Perth. Being a leading car removal specialist, we offer free cash for car removals covering all locations In Perth, Including Ascot, Magitup, Blythewood, West Coolup, Elleker, and many more. Perth’s Car Wrecking team will help you to remove the Car even from your garage or narrow streets without including any hidden charges.

Car Wreckers Perth

Car Wreckers Perth

The Term Car Wreckers Perth in our Services means that we dismantle & wreck all vehicles for their scrap metals & spare parts. We aim to recycle all the materials & components in the Car, Utes, SUVs & 4wds with utmost care & in an environment-friendly manner. The Car which is worthless for you can be a treasure for the one who needs recycled used auto parts for their old Car. We are the best auto car wreckers agency all over Perth Regions & you can sell your wrecked car to us without any doubt.

Used Auto Parts

Used Auto Parts

Have you ever been in a situation where the cost of fixing up amazed you in Perth & you had left with nothing in last? If you haven’t come across such a situation yet, you are a lucky person. Getting the bill of repair, which is more than the worth of your old vehicle, is quite frustrating & irritating. But here we have an ultimate solution for that – Online Buying of Used Auto Car Parts without compromising its quality. Recycled Auto Parts saves lots of energy used for the new products and cheaper than new branded car parts. We have a massive inventory of Recycled Second-hand parts for all Makes & Models, i.e., Ford, Jeep, Buick, Chrysler, Cadillac, Dodge, Holden, and many more. Apart from Auto Car Wreckers Service, we are also a professional & reliable used parts supplier in Perth.

We Buy all Car Makes and Models

We Buy all Japanese, American, Korean & European Makes In Perth

Japanese Makes

  • Subaru Car For Cash
  • Nissan Car For Cash
  • Honda Car For Cash
  • Suzuki Car For Cash
  • Mitsubishi Car For Cash
  • Mazda Car For Cash

Korean Makes

  • Hyundai Car For Cash
  • Kia Car For Cash
  • Daewoo Car For Cash
  • Ssang Yong Car For Cash

American Makes

  • Ford Car For Cash
  • Jeep Car For Cash
  • GMC Car For Cash
  • Chevrolet Car For Cash
  • Chrysler Car For Cash
  • Holden Car For Cash

European Makes

  • BMW Car For Cash
  • Audi Car For Cash
  • Volkswagens Car For Cash
  • Mercedes Car For Cash
  • Peugeot Car For Cash
  • Saab Car For Cash

How Does It Work?

Free & Quick Quotes

Get a Quick response from calls to dial 0427 399 677 or Fill our Online Inquiry Form to know the worth of your wrecked vehicle. You can also email us at So, Make sure to have your vehicle’s details, i.e., Make, model, age, condition, km Driven, before availing of our online quotes.

Accept the Offer

Once our appraisers go through all the details, they will offer you a quote on the spot. If you like to it, accept the offer & schedule the Car towing services at a time, place & date that suits you. After this, our tow truck driver will come to your assigned location to tow the vehicle.

Final and Fun Stage

You will get your cash right in your hand for the vehicles & now you can invest that money on buying the new car or somewhere else. But note that we ask for a Driving License & Photo Id before offering the amount in hand as it’s essential to verify the ownership.

Why Choose Auto Wreckers Perth?

The Company Auto Wreckers Perth is well-established, having all the applicable licenses for buying any vehicle condition in Perth. We have satisfied heap of customers so far & all of them recommend us to their friends & relatives. You can also have insights on our customer’s reviews which will let you know our positive behavior from customers. You don’t need to go through complicated & irritating repairs, Advertisements & inconvenient inspections with us. We also ensure you easy documentation, guaranteed top payout within the same-day payment. So, you can sell your car, truck, SUV, Van, Bus, and Jeep without hesitation & enjoy unbeatable cash amounts.

Top 5 Benefits of Availing Our Services in Perth-

  • We have been into recycling services for 15 years and successfully dismantled more than 10k vehicles without any hassle.
  • We Provide Free Green Car Recycling Services
  • Auto wrecker Perth team is committed to getting you free removal, instant cash along with the free quotations in and around Perth.
  • We offer auto car wreckers services in all Eastern, Western, Southern, Northern in Perth City
  • We are registered as a Licensed motor dealer in Western Australia for auto recycling services.


What do wreckers do with cars?

A Car Wreckers Team identifies & recovers all the usable parts, which can be resold in the market. They also find Unusable scrap metal parts bumper, wrecked chassis, or internal components, which is beyond the fixing up for recycling purposes. This way, they dismantle & wreck the entire vehicle for its spare parts & metals in a safe & secure manner.

How much do you get for scrapping a car in Perth?

The Standard Cash that We pay for scrapping all unwanted cars in Perth Ranging from $100 to $12,000, depending on the information of the Car you share.

How do you determine the salvage value of a car?

We Determine the Salvage Value of a scrap car based on the details you offer, such as Make, Model, Year, Odometer reading, Kilometre Driven & another accidental history. If you have a good working car, you can expect the highest amount of cash from us.

What Kind of Conditions Do You Wreck?

We Wreck all Conditions regardless of any age, make or model i.e.

  • Flood-damaged Auto Car Wreckers Perth Wide
  • Scrap Commercial Trucks, Utes & Cars
  • Junk & Salvage Car Dismantlers
  • Accidental vehicles
  • Old unwanted Vehicles
  • Fired damaged Auto Wreckers Perth
  • Written-Off vehicles
  • Second-hand Cars

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