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Welcome to Auto Wreckers Perth, If you have finally decided upon selling your old lemon and get a new car instead, then you probably have made the right decision. Broken and damaged cars that require extra attention, frequently, time in and time out are probably best suited in junkyards & Car Wreckers. Such cars are beyond repair. Some may need replacement parts frequently. If you have a budget constraint, then they are better off sold to Car Wreckers Perth. Finally, they are disposed of and you remain stress-free. The process is very common not only in Perth but all over Australia and practised thoroughly by all car wrecker companies out there. Its keeps you stress-free! As simple as that!!

Years of expertise and skills to back up their claims

We have years of combined experience and a team of skilled individuals who are well equipped and poised to handle any necessary tasks and execute them accordingly. Based on the years of experience we have, expertise level and the quality of work we have done in the past, we can promise you nothing but simply the best. Our main goal is to provide you with the best services when it comes to disposing of off your vehicles when they are in no longer needed. It’s that simple and stress-free.

We Wreck Scrap cars and various Trucks Vans 4wd

No matter how bad the condition of your vehicle is, we as one of the leading car wrecker Auto Wreckers Perthcompanies in Perth will provide you with the best possible price for whatever you have. Basically, we take it all. We pay up to $12,000 for cars of any makes or models. Simple solution for trucks, vans and car wreckers Perth in Maddington now on Call.

This will come as good news for all car sellers out there in Perth who is simply waiting in queue to sell their old unwanted car and get rid of it fast. Remember, it’s better to get rid of such a huge pile of rust and steel out of your garage and make space for the new one instead. Just to add to that a bit, if in case your car is in still good condition and you happen to want to sell it, then you have come to the right place. Selling your car while they are still in good condition, will fetch you lot more dollars. Now make the highest cash for junk cars in Perth. We will provide you with the amount, which no other customers can.

Car removal services for free in Perth, Western Australia

Once you decide to bring your car down to our scrap yard, we can arrange a pickup or send a tow truck to carry your car and bring it to us. There is no need for you to hire a particular tow trucker company to carry your piece of scrap metal and pay a high price for it in the process. We can rather arrange it for you, free of charge.

We as a car wrecker Perth will provide you with car removal services for free. If need be, we will come to your doorstep to tow your car from your front yard and carry it to our junkyard. There are no extra charges or any hidden charges involved. It’s as simple as that! We provide car removal services all throughout Perth and Western Australia. We also operate in various other areas such as

Car Wreckers in RockinghamCar Wreckers Armadale
Car Wreckers JoondalupCar Wreckers Maddington
Car Wreckers KwinanaCar Wreckers Thornlie.

Recycling for a cleaner and greener environment

Car Wreckers Perth recycle all broken and damaged vehicles once they arrive in our scrap yard. As we Car Wreckers Perthbelieve in a cleaner and greener environment, we would do everything in our power to reverse the process and find a solution to such a mass destruction that is slowly gnawing away our beautiful earth and its atmosphere bit by bit.

Recycling scrap cars is probably a smarter way of handling a huge pile of damaged cars and rusty steel. As all waste and toxic materials needs to be disposed of as quickly and as safely as possible, and recycling them is the only option we have. Thus if you decide on selling your car to a Truck Wreckers Perth company, then this will ensure proper disposal of junk cars to the place it belongs.

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Auto Wreckers Perth & More Services

We buy all Unwanted, Old, Junk, Accident, Used And Scrap Cars. No Rego – No Worries, Any Condition Any make.

When Dealing With Us, We will make sure you will get top deal for your unwanted scrap car. In addition, you will also be assured that there are no hidden fees or charges, and we will remove your car for free.So you just need to call us, take your cash and we will take care of the rest! Our Auto Wreckers Perth Staff has Great experience i this field.

We Sell Used Auto Parts – Do you have a part inquiry?

We do not just wreck and recycle the cars that we buy. All the cars go through the process of recycling where we do separate the useful parts. We buy all makes and models such as Toyota, Hyundai, Suzuki, Nissan, Mazda, BMW, Mercedes and Many More Brands. So Any European, Japanese or any other brand cars, if you need parts for them do call us and save more money. Contact us for more information.

Truck Wreckers Perth – Our Truck Wrecking Services

We know there are so many cash for cars, auto wreckers, junk car removals companies around. However some of them lack the expertise in Trucks, and cannot offer the best cash for trucks, So if you want cash for trucks then call us and get a specialist to quote you. Our Truck wreckers services to all Perth Suburbs, Whether you are in the North Perth or south of Perth, We are only a call away. Auto Wreckers Perth is a licensed motor car trader and well known for their services in all around Australia.

Why Choose Auto Wreckers Perth?

Reasons to Choose us for your best car removals experience

We like to get things done the right way and make it effective and efficient for everyone. We have a swift service and our staff is well experienced in Scarp Car Removal Services. We try our level best to make our cash for cars service as easy as possible, we want our customers to be in no stress if they are selling their car. Our process of removing your car is very simple, you call us and get a free quote, Our Drivers will come to your door and pay Cash on the spot and that’s it, everything is settled. We are sure that our prices are the best throughout Perth, Call our Experts and you will go nowhere else.

We Are:

  • Licensed Motor Car Trader and Public & Product Liability Insured

  • Experts Offering Top Cash for Cars & Car Removal

  • Located in Perth for Decades.

  • Offering To Remove Any Makes & Models no Matter the condition

  • We Do Car Parts, Car Wrecking, Car Removal, Car Recycling and Also offer Cash for scrap unwanted cars

  • Five Star Rated Used and Unwanted Car Buyers In Perth

We take any makes and models

Auto Wreckers Perth will take vehicles of all makes and models, no matter how bad or in what condition they are in. We work with all brands including Mazda, Toyota, Chevrolet, Isuzu, and Subaru and many more. Not only brands, but we also work with various types of vehicles including trucks, SUVs, Ute, 4X4wds, vans and others as the list continues to grow. If you are looking for such scrap yards in Perth, then you have come to the right place.

Mazda wreckers in Perth

European Wreckers Perth

Holden Wreckers Perth WA

Sell Your Toyota Corolla

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If you no longer want that junk car parked in your backyard, it’s time to get rid of it. Do some research and soon enough you will find out that we are one of the best rated and Well Know Auto Wreckers Perth, who has the potential to pay maximum cash in comparison to what other car wrecker companies can give you. Give us a call at 0427-399-677 for a free no obligation quote. Alternatively, you could also email us at