Different Cars Technologies in Australia

In-Cars Innovations–

With the passage of time, technologies in vehicles are touching the peak of mountain in Australia. The industry is adopting the advanced technologies in the car such as- accident alarming, iPhone application and many more. Global Positioning System is one of the best example of upgrade technology in car running on the road of Australia. And GPS is basically a advance source of providing security to the people. Similarly, brake assist systems & lane departure warning are also some kind security source. Additionally, iPhone applications such as Car Butler & Driver Receiver are also helping people in most difficult situations.

Well, Costing of Latest technologies in the car are also touching sky i.e. difficult to afford for middle-class families. Moreover, some vehicles with old gadgets (15 to 25 years) is shining like a star in industry at the same time. You know why? They are the best performing vehicles even without any upgrade or latest technology.

Let’s have a look on the Upcoming Technology Features that are only restricted to some few cars

Around View Cameras Technology in Vehicles-

Sometimes car driver face difficulty in having perfect outlook around the vehicle. Due to this manufactures introduce around-view camera to give proper look outside the car. It is one of topmost needed security feature that is becoming more popular now a days. Around view camera allow the car driver to check what’s around them before making a turn. It will also help to minimise the chances of accident in Australia.

Unfortunately, this advance technology of security is only available in few vehicles such as- Nissan Patrol, Mitsubishi Pajero and Kia Carnival. As the technology become cheaper then, other carmakers will also include.

Multimedia Connectivity System–

People often face difficulties in connecting the system through phone or any other software. And sometimes people don’t have an Apple or Android phone for connecting with the car. Therefore, carmakers have started the work to introduce the better connectivity system. And they implemented an advance technology in the car for simple & easy connectivity.

Brands such as Toyota & Ford not only provide a feature to connect through media devices but also you can also download the application by using your mobile data or Wi-Fi. They have introduced the feature of calling in case of emergency.

Keyless Technology–

Unlock the all doors of car is a big issue when you lost the key anywhere or when you are in a hurry. Right!! Sometimes it makes you bother or stop shop any more at that time because searching key & taking it out from the handbag is quite a headache. And because you can’t unlock the door without key.

But with the emergence of most amazing technology has resolved this issue that is-

Central Locking

Due to this advance feature, one has no need to use his/her hands for lock. And then the introduction of Remote Locking made the lock system in car much more convenient without key. But the biggest issue people faced in this technology was- Use of physical handling to unlock the door and that’s again was bothering task for the people with busy hands.

Keyless Technology

one of the best advance feature in the vehicles to start car just by pushing a single button. Moreover, Ford & Kuga has even more advance feature than this. And that is – Hand-free Power that will work when you ping your foot under the rear bumper. But this is only for heavy cars carrying a huge crowd.

In-Car Driving Monitors–

This technology is basically for those drivers who are not comfortable while driving on highways or rusty roads. It will help the driver on the road, from power steering to autonomous breaking, if you don’t take action in time. And you can find this technology only in the vehicles that are under $40,000 i.e. Toyota Camry!!