Sell Your Damaged Car Perth

Sell Your Damaged Car Perth

Our team deals in damaged cars to find top cash for you. No matter how broken or badly damaged your car maybe, we will still buy it. Call it a tradition or anything else, but we guarantee you, that you won’t be disappointed when you come to us. We buy all and every car, no matter what condition they are in. The scrappy mess that car owners leave on their backyard or on the streets of Perth, we consider it as our bit of responsibility to clean up the mess and continue to keep the streets junk free and clean. Thus we take all the scrap metal and recycle them for the sake of cleanliness and sanctity of the environment.

Why Choose Us? – Major Advantages

Dealing with us for any  Auto Wreckers Perth, provide our customers with the best cash up to $12,000 for a car in good condition. We also buy broken cars. There are no other car wrecker companies that can provide you with such a deal. That is the maximum amount a car wrecker company like us has to offer to its customers all throughout Perth region.

Top Perth Regions we deals in-

Excellent Customer Service

We have a team of experienced individuals who are very skilled and dedicated to providing the right evaluation for each and every car of the customer. Customers looking to sell their car to us will usually call us and get their car valuation done. If they agree to what we have to offer, we have a deal. Any other car wreckers in Perth will not pay you anything close to $12,000. The max they can offer you is probably something around $5,000 or less on an average. Now that’s a heck of a deal, which I am sure most won’t resist. Our customer service has a combined experience of at least 2 decades who are well equipped to evaluate any car in any condition and determine the price they deserve for it.

Free car removal and cash for car services

Once you call us, we will send you a car wrecker expert to your doorstep.  They will evaluate your car and offer you a price. Car wrecker experts have years of experience in evaluating broken and damaged cars that you usually throw away once they reach the end of life or are beyond repair. We will also send you a tow truck to transfer your car from your garage to our junkyard for evaluation. We do not charge any fees for our towing service. Its completely free of charge.

Concluding Reasons to consider us

We at Auto Wreckers Perth will provide cash for any broken and damaged cars or vehicles. If you think, we only choose or buy certain types of car, well let me tell you, you are wrong. We accept cars or all makes and models. We also buy cars of all brands. That’s a guarantee.