Staying safe for a 24 hours towing period

If your car breaks down, it never seems to be happening at any convenient time soon. If you are driving in the middle of the night or in the evening, it could be a real pain and nerve-wracking. To be able to wait for 24 hours, beginning at night and going on until dawn or the next morning could be tirelessly exhausting. This may have happened quite a few times in the past and it’s a really awful feeling. Thus consider selling it to the junkyard. That’s the best thing you can do. Cars that require frequent repairs are better off sold to any car wrecker company like Auto Wreckers Perth.

Finding a safe location

You need a towing service that can come take you car away to their scrap yard. The best thing to do would be to park your car in a safe place and wait for help to arrive, especially if it is late in the night and no towing is possible. There are many different ways to staying safe, depending on the place where your car broke down and where you had to pull-over. If you are stuck in a critical condition, let’s just say you are stuck in the middle of a highway, then stay inside, fasten your seat belts and wait until help arrives.

Making your car visible

If you need to get out of the car, then consider getting out through the passenger side of the car. This way you remain safe and avoid yourself from opening the door into the traffic. This reduces the chances of getting yourself injured by any other car. If you are going to be waiting for 24 hours there on the road, then consider making your car visible so that the technician is able to locate you easily. Turn on hazard lights and sit on the side of the road. We at Auto Wreckers Perth can provide you with assistance by sending a tow truck when you need it the most.

Have cones or even an emergency kits handy and ready inside your car, along with reflectors, that can be easily be set around your car to set a small perimeter and create a visibility of your car. You must be visible 24 hours until help arrives. The reason for this is that it keeps you safe and lets your technician know where you are. It also helps other drivers know your situation and help secure yourself further more.

Who is your help?

Know who is coming to help you tow your car. Ask for an identity. It is scary to staying awake all night in the middle of nowhere. So check before calling a reputable 24-hour towing service agency. Car Wreckers Perth, will provide you with roadside assistance and send you a tow truck to pick up your truck and carry it to our junkyard.